A firm has released its annual list of the biggest threats facing the world.The report says the leading risk in 2017 is a United States led by Donald Trump.

The global political risk research firm the Eurasia Group says

Trump's ゛America First゛ policy is built on the American value of independence.

But it said for Trump,That means independence from responsibility to play a central role in world affairs.

The report predicted the power vacuum left by his policies might create global chaos,especially in Europe.

Please sum up in one world your expectations of the new presidency.

Uncertainty. There's a couple of small areas where we expect him to be very aggressive,such as enforcing immigration laws

and cracking down on trade with China and trade with Mexico.

But even those areas,There is such a wide range of things

he could do that There's a lot of uncertainty about

how he's going to go about doing that. So,I think that for most people, what you're going to see is a very unpredictable president and a lot of uncertainty about the policy environment.

The idea of “America first”is a very transactional idea that sees America`s relationship with its trading partners

and its allies in the world as a zero-sum game.

I think that reflects Donald Trump`s worldview.

The changes I expect to See are ones that make him

a much more forceful advocate for United states workeres.

in particular,and upend a lot the global trading order that has been esablished over the last 50 years.

The election of president who says “America first.” Is this the end of Pax Americana?

I think it`s a first step towards the end of Pax Americana.

Trump has ...threatened to withdraw from a number

of international agreement,like the WTO,NATO.NAFTA.

And I think really upends the U.S. influence in the world

and forces the U.S. to...withdraw from its influential position,

leaving a large vacuum with nobody,with a lot of uncertainty

about who's going to fill that vacuum.

What the Trump campaign has melting pot has broken down.

And You've got some real tensios between

Peaple that have been here for a generation or two or three,

and people that are newly arriving in this country.

And those tensios have really come to the forefront

during the Trump campaign. Some of that's driven by economic anxiety.

Some of that's driven by true racial tension.