I'm Hugh Hefner,editor-publisher

of playboy magazine.

From that harem of girls to the smoking jacket

and the polarizing product he created.

Hugh Hefner wasn't always beloved,

but he was always noticed. Late Wednesday,his estate announced

he died in sleep at the Playboy mansion.

The son of two devout school teachers,

Hefner first pudlished Playboy in conservative 1953.

On that cover,Marilyn Monroe.

By the 1970s,Playboy was selling seven million copies a month.

A pageant of American women posed-sharon Stone,

Kim Basinger,Cinby Crawford,and Drew Barrymore.

Hefner recently said he wanted to be

remembered as a trailblazing of sexually.

I would like to be remembered as somebody

who played some positive part

in chaging the sexual values of my time.

Storm is trying to save this baby deer.

That's storm,the retriever in the

middle of the water there, about to save a life

Storm,bring him in! Good boy,

Storm! Bring him in!

Storm's owner says the dog spotted something in New York's Long Island Sound yesterday morning and jumped in.

Storm is saving this baby deer right this minute.

Getting hold of drowning baby deer

and bringing it to shore

the video capturing as many hearts as

Facebook views more than 1.8 million so far.

storm's owner,Mark Freeley,telling us storm won't even retrieve a tennis ball,

but that day,he knew what he had to do.

Good boy,Storm ,okay.

Good job,boy She's okay.

Okay tonight,all because of her new best friend.